Ne gateway - welaunee blvd extension

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This is the NE Gateway option, approved by Blueprint IA at their January 30th 2020 board meeting.

Information provided by Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency

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Leon County Website


  •    1997 No Direct Traffic Agreement here  

  •    Mar. 5: Board voted to oppose this project here.

  •    Mar. 11: KHA opposition Letter sent to Blueprint, City and County commissioners.

  •    Mar. 25: KHA/Blueprint special board meeting here.

  •    May 7: KHA Town Hall was a big success!  Visit the office to pickup information and stickers for your vehicles. 

  • July 3: KHA hired Dantin Consulting Engineering, independant traffic engineers.

  • Aug. 30: KHA, Dantin and Blueprint met. Recap here. 

  • Sept. 5: Blueprint IA board meeting, video here.

  • Oct. 7:  KHA hired The Herrle Group, governmental relations consultant

  • Dec. 4:  KHA letter supporting Options 1 and 3 with conditions, here

  • Dec. 9:  Update eblast to residents, here

  • ​Dec. 12:  Blueprint IA Board meeting, video here. 

  • KHA Kloverleaf update here

  • 9/17/2020: Welaunee Master Plan Workshop - Welaunee Arch triple densities first introduced

  • ​9/17/2020: Blueprint IA Board Meeting

YouTube Link

Item 14 time stamps:    KHA speakers

                                        Max Herrle:  7:58 - 9:28

                                        Gloria Arias:  9:31 - 11:56


                                         5:48:45 - 5:59:24

KHA Opposition Letter to Commissioners here

Dantin Consulting traffic Letter to Commissioners

  • 9/18/2020: Update from Blueprint Meeting

  • 10/28/2020: City Commission Meeting - Link

     Welaunee Arch time stamps KHA speakers

     Max Herrle 1:03:45   Debbie Dantin 2:04:20

     Dantin Consulting traffic Letter to Commissioners