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Caleb Martinez

Community Manager


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Leslie Phillips-Fisher



Non-Staff Contributors 

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2024 Officers & Directors

Steve Givens, President - Unit 17 Resident

I have been a resident of Killearn Estates since 1991. I currently reside with my wife, Christen, and our 3 children on Heather Hill Lane. I am a graduate of Florida State University. I am a college professor and Department Chairman of Sports, Fitness, and Recreation Management at Chipola College in Marianna Florida. Throughout my tenure at Chipola College, I have had extensive service experiences on multiple statewide committees and executive boards that establish policy and provide guidance for a variety of statewide organizations. 


My family and I are active members of Faith Presbyterian Church. I am an avid golfer and a member of Killearn Country Club. As a 28-year resident of Killearn Estates, I have had the opportunity to watch our community evolve. My specific interests include storm water/lake revitalization, amenity maintenance, and golf course preservation. I can provide a historical perspective of KHA past initiatives, as well as a genuine commitment to preserve the Killearn Community as a premiere Tallahassee neighborhood.

Susan Dickerson.JPG

Susan Dickerson, Vice-President - Unit 42 Resident


My husband Bob Roberts and I moved to the Cameron Chase neighborhood of Killearn Estates in October, 2016. We love being here.  After living in a neighborhood without restrictions, it was a welcomed change for us.
We previously lived in the Forest Edge Neighborhood south of town where I served on the board of directors for several years.  I enjoyed meeting n
eighbors and solving neighborhood problems together.  We beautified the Veterans’ cemetery and worked with the city to make city water available to all residents.
Through my career with the Department of Children and Families, I served as a social worker, policy analyst and manager. As a member of the Killearn Homeowners Association Board of Directors I will be committed to ensuring that the beauty and values of our neighborhood are carried forward. I will represent all KHA members with honesty and integrity and facilitate transparency and open communication between members and the Board.

Luke Brown.jpg

Luke Brown - Secretary - Unit 51 Resident

My wife, Dorian, son, Alex, and I have lived in Killearn Estates for more than 20 years. Before that, we lived in Fort Lauderdale. Dorian is employed by the State, and Alex by Tallahassee Memorial Hospital.
In Fort Lauderdale, I operated a successful law firm that handled a variety of civil matters, was a Civil Magistrate and a Mediator. I was a Board member of the condominium association in which Dorian and I lived.  There, I helped other Board members understand their legal, fiduciary, and ethical obligations and helped establish an informal dispute resolution process.
I was recruited to Tallahassee by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation. Later, I joined a national law firm to build its insurance practice. I taught at FSU’s College of Business and its Law School and have written for several international publishers. Currently, I write about insurance and legal issues for laypeople, businesses, and legal professionals. 
I wish to serve on the Killearn Estates Board to ensure adherence to all legal, ethical, and fiduciary responsibilities owed to homeowners. I will do so by exercising sound judgment in matters that come before the Board and by advocating for:
•    Transparency, not Secrecy in Board Operation
•    Sound Interpretation, not Manipulation of Rules 
•    Fiscal Responsibility before Dues Increases
•    Neither Sale nor Development of Community Property without Required Membership Approval
•    Advanced Notice of Issues and Member Input before Voting
•    Reasonable and Consistent Enforcement of Community Standards
•    Orderly Conduct of Meetings


David HOOdenpyle, Treasurer - Unit 3 Resident

David A. Hoodenpyle and his wife, Lois have resided at Shamrock South for over 32 years. Their 2 children live and work in Tallahassee where they attended Leon county schools and graduated from TCC, FSU, and FAMU. David retired from Unisys Corporation, specializing in Bank computer accounting systems, following duty in the Air Force, as a computer field engineer on fighter intercept controls, where I was awarded the Joint Service Commendation medal for service at NATO in Mons, Belgium. In addition, I started a Silicon Graphics dealership business with customers statewide and was later appointed Director of Recruitment at ITT technical institute Tallahassee after selling the business. David completed the Tallahassee Citizens Police Academy in ‘96 and has volunteered at TPD in records and evidence management and the financial crimes division. He has volunteered at meals on wheels and helped raise corporate funds for the United Way and Toys for Tots. David holds a Bachelor and AA degree from Park University and the University of Maryland in Business Management. I am running for the board to be a voice for all members in the Killearn community. In order to accomplish that, we must have board transparency and timely notice of agenda, minutes, special meetings, and have member input prior to any vote. We must have a sound interpretation of the bylaws and not an invention. We must have a reasonable enforcement of community standards not harassment. I am committed to bringing common sense back to the board and make it representative of us all. 

Board Members
Paul Munyon.JPG

Paul Munyon - Unit 51 Resident

I am Paul Munyon, a retired Air Force Colonel, retired state employee, husband, father, and grandfather. My wife and I have been Killearn residents since 1996 where we have raised our two sons who are now both Killearn residents themselves.

I have completed the Air Force’s senior leadership schools, and I have earned a bachelor’s degree from FSU and an MBA from Liberty University. I also hold a project management professional certification.
In the Air Force I was an instructor weapons systems officer on the F-111, a navigator on the C-130H and AC-130A, and Special Forces MC-130E. I served two tours in Afghanistan, where I was the commander and flew nearly 40 combat missions and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross with valor. Finally, I was the commander of a squadron and the communications advisor to the Defense Information Systems Agency.
I have taught international navigation at American Airlines, was the deputy program manager at the Pentagon and I have worked in several Florida state agencies. Finally, I have owned a management consulting firm for several years.
As a 24 year Killearn resident I feel I have an excellent understanding of the needs of the Killearn community, the challenges we face living in a maturing neighborhood with outside encroachment forces, and the need to maintain a strong, vibrant, and welcoming community. I wish to offer my knowledge and experience to help our community meet the challenges ahead and to be a champion for our Killearn families and community.


Board - Herb Harmon Headshot.jpeg

Herb Harmon - Unit 35 Resident

My wife and I are long time residents of Killearn where we currently reside in the Greens of Killearn. With extensive Business, Governmental, Association, and Political involvement prior to retirement, I have the time and experience to devote to our community.


Experience in our Association:


  • Currently serving as President, Greens of Killearn POA

  • Current member of Golf Liaison Committee, KHA

  • Previous member, Board of Directors, KHA




Should you choose to elect me, my PRIORITIES are:


  • Continue working with new Country Club owner as they invest millions in rebuilding the facility  and significantly impacting our property values.

  • Assist in efforts to rebuild our lakes by restoring water levels.

  • Be prepared, should elected officials once again attempt to overwhelm our community with traffic.

  • Focus on serious Long Range Planning for our community.

Board - April Killian Headshot.jpg

April Killian - Unit 17 Resident

My family and I moved to Killearn in 2020, and I have been in love with our neighborhood ever since. I work from home as a director for a large international advertising agency, and my husband, Michael, is a professor at FSU. We have two children ages 9 years and 6 months. 


I am an FSU alumna who graduated with my bachelor’s in social work and completed my education with an MBA in marketing. We value the Tallahassee community and have called it our home for most of the last two decades with some time lived in Orlando, London, and Dallas TX.


My father is a military veteran, so I have lived in over 20 different homes while growing up. For that reason, I have always appreciated a welcoming community. I have also personally experienced living in and working with a variety of different communities, and I believe these diverse experiences would help me to add to our sense of community in Killearn Estates.


If elected to the board, my goal would be to serve as a voice for younger families as well as the existing residents alike. I want to contribute my marketing and advertising experience to ensure information is shared in a timely and efficient manner. Working to maintain the beauty and safety of our community while offering up a range of ideas for potential improvement would also be a personal aim if serving on the Killearn board.

Board - Victoria Montanaro Headshot.jpg

Victoria Montanaro - Unit 30 Resident

My husband (Ed) and I have been homeowners in Killearn Estates since 2001. I have been a Florida CPA since 1983. I practiced regulatory accounting for the Florida Public Service Commission and later for the Office of Public Counsel. I was the Finance Director for the Florida Department of Agriculture and later served as the Financial Administrator for the Federal District Court for the Northern District of Florida. In 2004 I was appointed as the Executive Director of the Justice Administrative Commission. In 2010 I accepted a faculty position in the accounting program at Carthage College, which I held until my retirement in 2019. I have a current Florida CPA certificate. I received my accounting training at FSU, where I earned an MS in Accounting. I also hold a Master’s degree in Social Work and worked in budgeting and financial management for social service programs before deciding to become a CPA.


I have previously served on two homeowner association governing boards. I served as board member and treasurer for the Country Club Villas Homeowners’ Association (a subdivision of Killearn Estates) and as board president and later as the treasurer for a homeowners’ association in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Bio - Brien Bohmann photo.png

Brien Bohmann - Unit 8 Resident

"I have lived in Killearn since 2020 with my wife, Terri, and our two daughters, as well as our Beagle "Stinky". We love this neighborhood for many reasons—it has a great sense of community, it's safe and clean, it's close to everything we need and want to do. We love how much pride people take in their homes here. It's so nice to see people working hard to make their homes beautiful and functional, whether that means adding a new deck or planting flowers in their front yard.

My background is in IT. I've spent most of my career working on projects that involved communications, workflow optimizations, and problem-solving skills. Those skills were sup
er helpful when it came time to improve our own home (we've done a lot of DIY projects), they're also useful when it comes time to help others with theirs!

As your Board representative, I'll be available whenever you need me. If you have any questions or concerns about anything going on in the community (or just want someone to talk through something with), please don't hesitate to reach out!


Architectural Control Committee

  • Chair: Susan Dickerson

  • Vicki Long

  • Winston Lee

Audit Committee​​

  • Chair: David Hoodenpyle

  • Richard Menendez

  • Scott Hoodenpyle

Nominating Committee

  • Chair: N/A (Non-Election Year)

Elections Committee

  • Chair: N/A (Non-Election Year)

Fines + Violations Committee

  • Chair: Tim Sadberry

  • Ashleigh Smith 

  • Michelle Miller

  • Gail Perry

Lakes Restoration Committee 

  • Chair: Steve Givens

  • Cara Fleisher

  • Jim Francis

Maintenance Committee

  • Chair: Herb Harmon

  • David Hoodenpyle

  • Charlie Hunter

Events Committee

  • Chair: April Killian

  • Victoria Montanaro

Communications Committee

  • Chair: Luke Brown

  • Steve Givens

  • April Killian

  • Brien Bohmann

Golf Liaison Committee

  • Chair: Herb Harmon

  • Steve Givens

North east Gateway Committee

  • Chair: Paul Munyon

Long Range Planning committee

  • Chair: April Killian


Document Review committee

  • Chair: Susan Dickerson

  • Carol McClellan

  • Herb Harmon

  • John Phelps

  • Karin Byrne

  • Alex Whitlock

  • Tequila Zoe Hill

  • Judy Dillard

  • Lawson Snyder

  • Kathy Grobe

  • Monica Reimer

For a copy of the Killearn Homes Association Bylaws, click here.

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