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Covenants, Restrictions & Forms

Exterior Maintenance

The Association has the right to provide exterior maintenance of homes

and lots which are not maintained by the Owner. This includes, but is

not limited to, mowing, trees, painting, maintaining landscaping, and repair

of exterior surfaces. The cost for this maintenance will be billed to the

Owner. Note: If you encounter any area that needs mowing, or are being

improperly maintained, contact the KHA Field Manager at 894-3085

to report the violation.


No activities are to be carried on which may be an annoyance or nuisance to the neighborhood or tend to damage or destroy property.

Boats, Trailers, Campers, etc.

Boats, trailers, campers, or other vehicles shall be parked or stored within the garage or placed behind the residence; however, in no event shall the vehicles be visible from the street.


Boats powered by a maximum of 3 hp electric motor may be used on the lakes. Dock size and appearance is regulated and may be no more than 2 feet above water level and must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee. No landscaping, filling, cutting of trees which would alter natural shorelines is permitted within 50 feet of the water edge.

Exterior Structure Material

Exterior must be 2/3 masonry unless waived in writing by the Architectural Control Committee.

Garage and Carport

The covenants and restrictions governing garages and carports varies from unit to unit. Please check the covenants and restrictions specific to your unit prior to any plans or modifications for these items.


Pets are not to be allowed to wander or roam freely. Only household pets may be kept on any lot. They are not to be kept for commercial purposes.

Listed below are some highlights of the covenants and restrictions for the units in Killearn. Each unit may have specific covenants and restrictions particular to their location. A copy of all the covenants and restrictions (by unit) is available here.

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