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Parks, Lakes and Trails

     There are numerous lakes, parks and playgrounds located throughout Killearn Estates. The playgrounds and parks located in Killearn are for Killearn residents and their guests only. Signs are posted warning others "No Trespassing." This no trespassing issue will be upheld by the Tallahassee Police Department. If you encounter non residents and they do not wish to leave when informed of the "Residents Only" status, please give the police department a call at 891-4200.

     The parks are on a "first come, first served" basis. If you wish to use the parks for special occasions get there early. Posting signs about the special event will usually alert others to your intentions and most people will honor your event. Click here to learn about our Bridle Trails and to see where they are located.

The 319 Grant report is available during business hours at the KHA Office here.

Killarney Way Park

2223 Killarney Way

The Killarney Way Park, primarily used by Killearn parents with toddlers and smaller children, is a short distance from the Thomasville Road main entrance into Killearn Estates and is fenced across the front for protection from Killarney Way traffic.  This park with its playground equipment and pavilion covered picnic area is the perfect spot for a morning outing, an afternoon picnic, a birthday party or other special occasion.  Just remember to get there early to set up your party as there are no reservations.   Please help us keep our parks clean and beautiful by cleaning up after your event and let KHA know of any areas that might need maintenance.

Fermanagh Park

3029 Fermanagh Drive

Fermanagh Park offers a scenic open wooded area with two stormwater ponds for nature lovers to explore or take photographs of the wildlife they might encounter.

Blarney Drive Park

2465 Blarney Drive

Blarney Park is an open field used for recreational activities and has a picnic table for resting or lunch in the shade under a stately oak tree.

Clifden Drive Park

3361 Clifden Drive

Clifden Drive Park offers park benches, picnic tables, a charcoal grill, and two play areas including swings and slides for the younger children.

Delvin Park

3180 Shamrock East

Delvin Ponds and Park offer a scenic open wooded area with three stormwater ponds for nature lovers to explore or take photographs of the wildlife they might encounter.

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Bay Shore Park

2965 Bay Shore Drive

Nestled in the heart of the Tree Harbor neighborhood, this park contains a rain garden, a tiny tots play station, a playground, park benches, a picnic table and a BBQ.

Shannon Lakes North Park

3207 Shannon Lakes North

Shannon Lakes North Park, located between Ferns Glen Drive and Heather Hill Lane, allows access of small boats that can be carried and launched by hand into Lake Killarney.  Please do not drive into the lake bottom. The lock on the gate requires a code that can be obtained by calling the office at 893-3468. You must be a Killearn Estates Resident. For those just looking for a nice place to sit, there are benches located under the large oak tree. As always, the park hours are from sunup to sundown.

Shannon Lakes Park

4475 Shannon Lakes West

Shannon Lakes Park offers several picnic tables and a large open area for football or frisbee. The park also has a newly renovated fishing pier.

Shamrock South Park

3045 Shamrock South

Shamrock South Park offers a scenic resting area for joggers/walkers along with a small play area for younger children. The park is very shady and has several benches and picnic tables for reading or resting while the children play.

Kimberton Park

3006 Shamrock North

Kimberton Park offers picnic areas on the lake, play area inlcuding swings and slides for the younger children and park benches.

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