Architectural Control Committee


Apply for exterior alterations and report property issues


Caleb Martinez, Compliance Coordinator

     The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) is responsible with regulating the aesthetic environment and standards within Killearn Estates by ensuring compliance with the existing covenants and any other standards deemed applicable by the committee. The covenants provide that the committee has the absolute and exclusive right to refuse to approve any submission, which in its opinion, is not suitable or desirable for any reasons of pure aesthetics, inconsistency with the overall harmony of the neighborhood or inconsistency with future development.

     The purpose of architectural review is to keep the community attractive for the enjoyment of residents and for the protection of property and property values. Therefore, no property, building, structure, fence, dock or other improvement may be made, altered, structurally modified, installed, constructed, or erected without the prior consent of the committee. The following is a list of examples that require the committee’s review and approval: initial house plans, remodeling, exterior repainting, reroofing, fences, sheds, pools, landscaping, grading, mailboxes, TV antennas, satellite dishes and other items not specifically named. If you have any questions, call the office at 893-3468.

     The Architectural Control Committee meets other every Wednesday morning at 10:00 am, in the Killearn Homes Association conference room.

     Submit your plans in writing to the office prior to Wednesday morning. Be sure to include a detailed description of the item you wish to add, delete or modify on the Architectural Control Committee Application or the Tree Removal Request Form (see below). Include a site plan which shows existing structures and the proposed improvements or changes you wish to make. The more information you can supply the more likely the committee will be able to make an immediate determination. If your plans are approved, you will receive written notice. No work shall be commenced UNTIL you have that written approval. If the committee cannot make a determination and needs more information, you will be informed in writing of the additional information being requested. The committee will make a determination, and you will be notified in writing.


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